Pretty Moody Foundation (Delaware), in collaboration with
IPQ Analytics, LLC (Pennsylvania), is launching a study to help understand & define how women progress through peri-menopause & menopause to provide
critical insights to support the smooth, natural transition. In the United States, approximately 50% of all women are age 40 or older, with the average start of peri-menopause at 40 and menopause at 50 years of age.  By the year 2025, it is said that
approximately 1.1 billion women would have entered into menopause.  Thus, while a woman lives approximately half of her life in menopause after its’ start, the transition is poorly understood
by clinicians and women themselves, especially as each woman’s menopause
journey is different. It is noted
that only 31.3% of OBGYN residency programs have a menopause curriculum as part of their residency training program, leaving women, health
care providers, and researchers without the educational resources they need. Although hot flashes are among the most visible and recognizable symptoms of
menopause, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, mental health disorders, and
disordered sleep are other common and debilitating symptoms. These treatable conditions affect daily functioning and costs $1.8 billion dollars annually in lost work productivity. Given the significance and scope, it is past time to advance policies that improve menopause research and awareness.


Menopause Awareness & Workplace Culture

Through the Pretty Moody Foundation's program, "Moody Transitions: Menopause Awareness and Workplace Culture," we intend to shift workplace arenas of the future. For sustainable and productive workplaces, our environments require menopause-friendly spaces and education that generates well-being and connection to cope with the mental, emotional and physical changes in women. Our network of contributors and practitioners enables us to create new infrastructures and cultures of the workplace. Pretty Moody's collaborative directions -- locally and internationally -- are embedded in a passion for creating with fellow community practitioners in amplifying awareness of menopause in personal care, wellness, education and corporate sectors. We benefit women and men in the workplace through Pretty Moody products and on-site speaking engagements. Through "Moody Transitions: Menopause Awareness and Workplace Culture," Pretty Moody also incorporates reproductive and sexual health education into our work with youth. As girls transition through womanhood, it is important for them to be equipped to advocate for their bodies, which will ultimately benefit the next generation of working women. Our foundation connects and provides for girls and women an inclusive community of support, education and resources and serves disadvantaged women in all phases of menopause.